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Water Leaks in Pembroke Pines, FL

Water Leak Detection for Air Conditioners and More

Avoid water damage with Sunnyside AC LLC. We partner with Akisens — the leader in risk management for condos, multiples, homes, and commercial buildings — to help you with water leak detection and damage control.

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Benefits of Akisens Smart Water Leak Detection

Akisens designs and develops smart water leak detectors for your home. This is how a water leak detector can help you:

Why Pair It With an Air Conditioner?

Water leak from your air conditioning units are not normal and is usually an indication of a problem in your AC system.
That is why leak testing is important in air conditioning maintenance. By detecting minor problems such as water leaks, you can prevent major problems thus maximizing the lifespan of your AC system.

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Install Your Water Leak Detector Get an Akisens Smart Water Leak Detector for your air conditioning system today. Reach out to us for your questions about our installation services.
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